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  • Aerial Silks Level 1 Skills
    These classes are a great introduction to aerial arts and to starting your own aerial practice. In class you will build upper body and core strength as well as leg and shoulder flexibility. These classes focus on learning fundamental moves and the aerial vocabulary that is necessary to progress into wider aerial skill sets. Usually one 8 week session is sufficient. Graduation Requirements: Basic and Russian Climb Basic Footlock in the air X Back Position Invert from Ground
  • Aerial Silks Level 2A Skills
    These classes will build onto the aerial vocabulary we learned in Level 1. We'll focus expanding on fundamental moves, and building strength for inverts in the air. We'll also learn our first flips in the silks. This stage can take as long as a student needs to meet graduation requirements. Graduation Requirements: Double Crochet Hip Key Thigh Hitch Figure 8 Ankle Hang
  • Aerial Silks Level 2B Sequences
    This class builds on the Skills learned in Level 2A. Students solidify understanding of the skills, build endurance, and learn transitions between skills. This stage will likely last 1-2 sessions. Graduation Requirements: Strength/Technique: invert off the ground (i.e., from a climb); hold a finished straddle-up, 3-5 second lock-off, tuck knees above navel from a long-hang, 10 second hollow body hang, and 1 pullup. 3 min in the air. 360 flip w/ legs crocheted and controlled exit. Ability to perform all Level 2 Sequences.
  • Aerial Silks Level 2C Belays
    In this class we'll cover the setup, and the understanding of belays, and the differences between the S-wrap and the Z-wrap Belay We'll then cover many different ways to get into some of my favorite belays. From chest belays to knee belays to ankle or wrist belays. Registration Requirements- must be taking or have graduated from Silks Level 2B or higher.
  • Aerial Silks Level 3A Skills
    In this class, students will focus on vertical training and their understanding of wraps and technique on Fabric as well as build their endurance in the air. As we work with more height and layer skills, students will work on precise positioning and pathways in order to understand more complex skills and sequences. Graduation Requirements: Familiarity with Straddle Climb, Windmill, Catchers, Scissor Hip Key, Bell/Basic 45/ and Pike Beats, Understanding the Belay wrap and safely exiting
  • Aerial Silks Level 3B Sequences
    At this stage, students focus on building proficiency with the important level 3 skills that were introduced in 3A while learning new sequences that build on those skills. Graduation Requirements: Demonstrate Proficiency in Level 2 and 3 Skills Must demonstrate an understanding of what is keeping them in the air in a given skill/position and an ability to make adjustments as needed to keep themselves safe. Bent arm/Straight Leg Straddle Up and a controlled straight arm, pike lower \. 2 Pull Ups Competent at Star, Windmill, Understanding the 4 main wraps, Turning Pike Beats
  • Aerial Silks Level 4
    This stage covers the broadest range of development, in which students expand their repertoire of skills into level 4 while also learning choreography, improvisation, and artistic expression. Conditioning and technique work focus on preparing the student to move on to advanced work, Including but not limited to Meathook, Open Catch Drops, Slack Drags, Flares, Rollups and Hip Hop Beats.
  • Sling Skills Level 1
    Aerial sling is kind of the gate-way apparatus to aerial dance. It is a low hanging hammock type set-up that is comfortable, safe and doesn't require the same amount of strength or coordination that aerial silks does. In this class we will explore connections to the floor traveling upwards and building up that core and arm strength needed for the other apparatuses. The sling is a great combination of the trapeze and fabric- so two times the fun!
  • Sling Skills Level 2
    To register for Sling Level 2 students should feel comfortable inverting in the air, can create a crossback, and have the abiltity to do one pullup as well as tuck knees above navel. In Sling 2 we'll work through sequences that may contain many shapeortunities, dynamic pathways, belays, spinning, and potential to make you think hard :)
  • Dance Trapeze Skills Level 1
    Explore the world of the horizontal apparatus with us in this fun class! Don't think of the flying trapeze where you release the bar to be caught mid-air. Dance trapeze stays close to the ground and is rigged from a single point for spinning. With the metal bar for support it is a great beginner apparatus. The ropes offer a variety of transitions and beautiful poses. The trapeze becomes a dance partner as you learn to flip and fly.
  • Lyra Skills Level 1
    The Lyrical Hoop is a great place to start your circus journey. Learn basic mounts, create shapes, learn aerial terminology and technique without the constriction of fabric.
  • Lyra Skills Level 2
    Learn a flow of mounts, balances, poses, and terminology associated with Aerial hoop to create beautiful sequences!
  • Tippy Lyra
    WHAT: Tippy Lyra is a hoop that is hung form opposite sides so it tips and flips! Tippy lyra is a fun and challenging spin on the classic lyra, and in this session you will learn the basic flips, splits, and dynamics to get you started on your own tippy lyra exploration. PREREQUISITES: Previous aerial experience. Ability to safely invert from hang (i.e straddle up)
  • Strap Loops
    WHAT: Strap Loops are a pair of suspended loops. In this session you will learn the basic flips, splits, and dynamics to get you started on your own Strap Loop Exploration PREREQUISITES: Previous aerial experience. Ability to safely invert from hang (i.e straddle up)
  • Circus Sampler
    Learn Basics and a fun combo on Aerial Sling, Lyra, Trapeze, and Silks. Each class will be taught on a different apparatus. Get to know them all and then focus on your favorite!!
  • Act Creation
    A class to help you create your next routine on Silks, Sling, or Lyra. Kendell will help you develop your act, create character and purpose, and stylize your routine. Then practice your routine through open gym at no extra cost. A great way to prepare for the Recital!!
  • Open Gym
    A great place to practice your skills and sequences at your own pace under the watchful eyes of a coach. Open Gym is for Aerial View students only.
  • Mobility & Flexibility Class
    In this much needed class we'll focus on creating more mobility in our joints while also working on active flexibility training for a specific goal. Each week the goal will change, options include: Splits, Straddle, Back and Shoulders, Pike, and Hip Extension. Active Flexibility allows you to build strength at your end range movement, increase control, and safely learn how to use your muscles to go deeper into a stretch.
  • Aerial Fit Conditioning
    Aerial Fit Conditioning is traditional circuit training with a circus flair! This class combines a circuit style workout with circus strength and endurance exercises. Appropriate for all fitness levels and all fitness participants!

The Circus Arts are a beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that builds unparalleled upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, and confidence.


If you have never tried aerial before, we highly recommend starting in a Circus Sampler class.  If a Circus Sampler class is not being offered during the session you'd like to sign  up for, the next classes we suggest would be an Intro to Fabric or Lyra class

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