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We provide a variety of options to create the best show for you!


  • Indoors or outdoors on our freestanding rig or your load-bearing beams or truss.

  • Family, all-ages, or adult show themes.

  • Presentational show or atmosphere/walkabout formats available. Anything from intimate cocktail stages to full theatrical events!

  • For speed and flexibility without sacrificing spectacle or safety, our free-standing tripod rig can be set up indoors or out.

  • We can provide our own sound system, work with your equipment, or a mix of the two.

  • We will perform to recorded music suitable to your theme and event or live music performances can be arranged.


We love to perform! Use the Contact page to inquire about pricing and availability.



Venues you've seen us

Talkeetna Art Festival

Toast of the Town Fundraising Event

Ted Stevens Teddy Bear Event

Anchorage Downtown Solstice

Fairbanks Midnight Sun Festival

Choreographer's Showcase

Cama-i Dance Festival in Bethel

& many more!

Aerial fair-4304.jpg


  • Minimum working load limit of 1000 pounds

  • Minimum height 14 feet (4.5m)

  • Minimum floor space 6 feet sq. (2m sq)



  • Open, level space at least 25' x 25' (7.5m x 7.5m). Space must be free of overhanging wires or other objects to a height of 30' (9m). Nearby trees OK on approval. Grass, pavement, wood chips or gravel generally OK but must be reasonably smooth and level.

  • Room for audience to sit or stand around the performing space- layout can be proscenium, thrust, or in the round.

  • Private dressing area protected from weather.

  • Ability to drive our vehicle onsite prior to event start for load-in and after event for load-out.

  • 2 hour set-up time during which performers have complete access to the performing space including any rigging points via a lift or ladder. Shorter rigging time may be possible with advance discussion and agreement.


RIGGING MUST BE DONE PERSONALLY BY THE AERIAL VIEW or designated person we supervise.


If your venue does not meet the follow requirements please get in touch to discuss alternative options.

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