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Summer Camps!

This year Aerial View is offering some exciting summer camps.  Our camps will spark and grow an interest in the fun side of physical activity while letting kids prove to themselves that they are strong and capable individuals.  Our summer camps allow kids to discover their passion for challenging gravity in a supportive, learning environment. 

 For ages 7 and up

Rowan in Aerial Sling

Camp Dates:

Beginner's Camp

June 3rd - June 7th

(3 spots left)

All Levels Camp


June 10th - June 14th

(5 spots left)

Beginner's Camp

July 15th - July 19th

(2 spots left)


Typical Day Activities

Campers will start at 10am with guided ground movement to warm up and strengthen and improve acrobatic skills.

Then we'll transition to learning skills and technique on Aerial Sling.  

 There will be a snack break along with time for an art project (tie dye, hula hoop making, etc)

Then we'll get back in the air with learning skills on Aerial Hoop.

Camp ends at 2pm

On Friday we'll have a showcase of skills for parents at 1:30pm

Cost Details:

$275 Sign up by May 15th $300 Sign up after May 15th

** Discount available for siblings or multiple camps.  Contact us for details

Which Camp should my Child take?

If your child has taken an aerial camp but hasn't been actively practicing aerial for the last 6 months then we recommend the Beginner's Camp or contacting us to schedule a skills check

Register for Aerial Camps below!


Refund Policy

There are no refunds for Drop in classes or Punchcards.

To receive a refund for an Aerial Session or Aerial Camp a 5 day notice must be given of cancellation. Please be sure before purchasing. Credit Card Fees are non-refundable!  

Carson in Aerial Sling
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