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Jenn Bruyer


When not on the road Jenn resides in the magical wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest in her beautiful tiny off grid home with her two weenie dogs. Jenn has been immersed in aerial arts since 2008. She is driven by her focus on fabric (silks) and sling (hammock) and her first love trapeze [of all sorts]. She also enjoys exploring cord lisse, cloud swing, lyra, net, rope & harness and anything else someone puts in front of her. She has coached, choreographed and performed around the world including over 30 US states, China, Italy, Germany, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico.


As an Aerial Coach, she seeks to provide the highest quality progressive instruction to aerialists of all abilities from novice to professional performer. Her mission as a human is to cultivate a warm, non-judgmental learning environment that fosters community, to build physical and emotional strength within the individuals who participate in this environment and methodically construct a vehicle by which to create art.


Specializing in:
+ Aerial Fabric
+ Hammock/Sling/Net
+ Static & Single Point Trapeze
+ Corde Lisse
+ Lyra & Tiny Ring
+ Rope/Harness
+ Invented Apparatus

When in Seattle, she coaches at Versatile Arts and Arcadia Seattle.

Workshop Descriptions & Schedule

Tuesday May 21st



Level: Intermediate
Everyone knows that I’ve never had a love affair with the Lyra. BUT… I have to admit that there are definitely
some moments that are UNDENIABLY cool.

Join me to find out what I think those are.


Students can expect to explore new skills, sneaky transitions, techniques that are specific to this apparatus and unique aerial items of

Jenn Lyra 3.jpg

Wednesday May 22nd


Vertical Partnering


Level: Intermediate + on rope or fabric, basic partnering experience on any apparatus is encouraged but not

The vertical apparatus allows for a unique and compelling way to interact with a partner using tension and
height. Not only are some tricks and effects are only possible with more than one person, but the relationships
and transitions between them can be beautiful, dynamic and surprising.

Beyond simply introducing some cool skills and transitions, this workshop will explore the various methodologies
to alter the state of the vertical apparatus in a pair or group setting.

Thursday May 23rd

Two Ropes and a Bar: Exploring Dance Trapeze


Level: Beginner -Intermediate

It all starts with Two Ropes and a Bar.

The perfect gift for the moving body. Support and freedom, simplicity and complexity, frame and space. In this workshop we will dive into various topics as it relates to this apparatus’s unique construction: moving through and around, wrapping, shelves, dynamics and pathways – taught in short relatable sequences.


Dance Hammock


Level: Open/all levels, but some aerial experience is recommended 

Hammock has been a long time favorite of mine because I feel like I can simply DANCE! Without the entanglement of a
fabric tail or the defined edge of a steel bar my body feels as though it can move as freely as if there were nothing there
at all!
In this workshop we will explore specific skills, pathways and transitions that I think are particularly dance like in nature.
We will also examine the space between the fabric loop and floor, how these two can meet and interconnect to create
spins, circles, transitions, mounts and supported floor choreography to enhance your hammock vocabulary or create an
entirely new performative experience. No background in dance or hammock is required.

Sunday May 26th

Cross-Back Straddle Exploration


Prerequisites: Proficiency with Cross Back Straddle and Aerial Dance Footlocks 

Understanding how to use some of the most recognizable visual elements, like cross back straddle, in a more integrated
and compelling way can not only help expand your vocabulary but ultimately improve your audience engagement.
In this workshop we’ll explore some of the unexpected and even bizarre ways to set up this quintessential aerial silks trick
to keep your audience guessing, from highly complex and intricate to straightforward and dynamic! And once we’re there
we’ll flip, dive, contort and wrap for some unusual exits


Fabric Witchcraft



Level: Intermediate or Int + on fabric

The allure of fabric is truly multi dimensional. Its beautiful, tactile and confusing. It can seemingly defy physics. Wraps,
shelves and connections can appear and disappear in an instant. Complex but stable architectures are constructed out of
In this workshop we will explore some really fun examples of knots, hitches, releases, wraps and fabric theories that
simply DO NOT SEEM POSSIBLE or are totally surprising to even an educated eye.

All Workshops are $55 each until May 10th then price increases to $65 each.   Reserve your spot and sign up now!!  Space is limited!

Interested in a private lesson with Jenn?  Contact us for days & times available!!

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