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Thai Massage Workshop, October 1st

Experience an interactive, hands-and-feet-on introduction to the therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage! Perfect for yogis, athletes, and the stretch-curious and stiff-backed alike. Whether you're tense or sore and in need of help increasing your flexibility, or a super-stretchy yoga aficianado wanting to challenge yourself, Thai is the modality to try. Local LMT and Thai Massage Specialist V Ourso is leading this one hour beginner-friendly Thai Massage workshop where you'll work in pairs to try out assisted stretches and massage techniques on one another that will relieve your legs, hips, back, and shoulders from the stress and stiffness from daily life. Come in clothes you're comfortable stretching in, and walk away with improvements in your flexibility, range of motion, and ease of movement. October 1st, 4:30-5:30 pm. Partner not required. Space is limited, register to reserve your spot! Class held at Aerial View Studio.


V is an Alaskan LMT and a specialist in Thai Floor Massage and Barefoot Massage

with a passion for bodywork that isn't just reactive, but proactive.

She's trained in-state as well as out-of-state, is a yoga practitioner working

towards teacher certification, and assists in teaching Thai Massage to other LMTs.

When not playing with her dog or checking out the

local live music and art scene, she spends her

free time pursuing art, storytelling, music, and her new aerial arts hobby. V currently works at Tri Barefoot Massage.


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